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The IoT Fabric

Softl8yr is driving better business outcomes through its unique IoT management platform, making it easy to discover, manage and secure all IoT devices in minutes.

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The Softl8yr Platform

The Softl8yr platform is the heart of its unique IoT fabric eco-system. The innovative software allows organisations to detect and secure IoT devices seamlessly, across various networks and communication mediums. This allows organisation to quickly respond to today’s complex threats safeguarding nation critical infrastructure.


Asset and Posture Discovery

The Softl8yr Asset Discovery module is focused on gaining extended visibility, across all devices regardless of the network, geographic location or specific use. This will allow our clients to centrally manage all their IoT devices, review vulnerabilities and misconfigurations as well as understand the overall risk and exposure. Some of the key discoverable metrics include,

  • Operating system, firmware, patch level
  • GEO, Building/Floor and associated users

Want to hear more ? send us an email at info@softl8yr.com or use the contact page. 

Softl8yr Software Solutions Incorporated 2017.

Softl8yr specialises in software solutions design to help our clients managed internet of Things devices, centrally and efficiently regardless of geography or network segment. The Softl8yr IoT fabric is an advanced framework that offer multiple detection and enforcement options t ensure risks are mitigated in real-time. 


121 Collins Street
Melbourne, Victoria